Barbara Hua Ye Robinson

Conference/Seminar/Court interpreter

ATA Certified Chinese Translator

P.O. Box 31700
Seattle, WA 98103
phone: (206) 380-6823 email:

Ms. Barbara Robinson is a conference, seminar and court interpreter with extensive experience across private and public sectors. She was awarded an undergraduate degree in international finance from Renmin University, and an MBA degree in accounting from Seattle City University. She has worked for the China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC) as a financial analyst in China and as a bilingual accountant in their US operation, as well as for a Fortune 500 company, PPG Industries, as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). She holds American Translator Association (ATA) certification in Chinese translation, court interpreting certification from four US states, and the US government professional qualification for simultaneous interpretation (Federal courts, US State Department). She specializes in finance, banking, business, IT and high tech fields (for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Cantor Fitzgerald, Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, among others) as well as government affairs (e.g., DoS, DoE, DoD, EPA, DoJ and Homeland Security), industry conferences and executive training programs.

Service Provided:
Mode: Simultaneous, Consecutive and Sight Interpretation
Settings: Conference, Seminar, Telephone and Webinar meetings, training, business negotiations, presentations, legal depositions and court appearance.
Delivery Methods: Written English <==> Chinese translations and editing/proofreading; verbal interpretation in person and remote; voice over and transcription.
Specialty: Business and Finance, Government Issues, Legal (Patent, Corporate Law, Business Disputes, Family Law and Criminal Law), IT industry, Aerospace Industry, Life Science, Machinery and Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas and other non-conventional energy sources, Environmental and Sustainability Industry, Entertainment Industry, Clinical Trials and Medical Device/Equipment Industry.

US Federal Professionally Qualified Interpreter
US State Department Simultaneous Seminar Interpreter
Certified Washington State Court Interpreter (ID 10789)
Certified Oregon State Court Interpreter (ID 10789)
Certified Idaho State Court Interpreter (ID 10789)
Certified Arizona State Court Interpreter (ID 10789)
Certified American Translator Association Chinese Interpreter (ID 236224)
Certified Management Accountant (Credential Number 12394)
Certified Washington State DSHS Social Service Interpreter (ID MC962933)
Certified Washington State DSHS Medical Interpreter (ID SC15410)
Washington State Court Interpreters Certification Training Instructor

Simultaneous and Conference interpretation highlights:
Government / NGOs / Associations
American Society for Training & Development Conference 2012 -2017 (Denver, Dallas,Washington DC, Orlando, Denver, Atlanta)
Bellevue College Staff all-hands Trainings 2012-2014 Seattle
BOAO North American Conference 2014 Seattle
Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 Seattle
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Conferences (2015 Dublin, Buenos Aires, Singapore, 2014 Singapore, London, Los Angeles, 2013 Beijing, Durban, Buenos Aires, 2012 Toronto)
Los Angeles International Investor Summit 2016 Los Angeles
Mercy Corp Executive Training 2014 Portland, OR
NASA/GeekPark Executive Seminar 2016 Seattle
NetMundial Conference 2014 Sao Paulo
Specialty Coffee Association of American Conference 2014 Seattle
US FDA/China CFDA Food Safety Round Table 2016 Seattle
U.S.-China Green Ports and Vessels Initiative Workshop 2016 Seattle
US Dept of Defense China-U.S. Center of Excellence (COE) Training 2018
US Dept of Energy China-U.S. Center of Excellence (COE) Review 2017
US State Dept Seminar Global Economy 2017
US State Dept Seminar Disability Issues in US 2017
US State Dept Seminar Wildlife Management 2017
US State Dept Traffic In Person Hero celebration 2017
US State Dept Seminar Journalism in US 2017
US State Dept Seminar Library Systems Management 2017
US State Dept Seminar Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention 2016
US State Dept Seminar Intellectual Property Law 2016
US State Dept Seminar Public Health in US 2016
US State Dept Seminar Internet Governance in US 2016
US State Dept Seminar Journalism in US 2016
US State Dept Seminar Patent, IP and Antitrust Law Issues 2015
US State Dept Seminar Green Architecture 2015
University of Washington and Tsinghua University Executive Briefing 2015
Washington State China Relationship Council Investment Seminar 2015

Major Corporations
Amazon AWS – China Mango TV Executive seminar 2017 Seattle
Amazon AWS - Dahua Corporation Executive seminar 2015 Seattle
Amazon AWS - Shanghai Media Group Executive seminar 2015 Seattle
Boeing China Airline New Product Delivery 2014 Seattle
Cargill-China AQSIQ Executive Summit and Training 2015-2016 Minneapolis
Harley Davidson Annual Dealership Conference 2014, 2016 (Orlando, Atlanta)
Huawei Executive Summit 2017 Vancouver, Canada
Isagenix Global Conference 2015 San Diego
Mannatech annual Execytive Summit 2015, 2017 (Seattle, Maui)
Market America Annual Bootcamp, 2017 Las Vegas
Microsoft – Hololens Developer seminar 2018 Seattle
Microsoft – China Government SKU Summit Training 2017 Seattle
Microsoft – China Mango TV Executive seminar 2017 Seattle
Microsoft-China South Grid Executive Briefing 2016 Seattle
Microsoft – China Industrial Bank Executive Briefing 2016 Seattle
Microsoft and Tsinghua University Executive Briefing 2015 Seattle
Starbucks DVP Program 2014 Seattle
Starbucks Shareholders Annual Meeting 2015-2016 Seattle
Starbucks-Shanghai Roastery Executive Briefing 2016 Seattle
Visa Company Executive Training, Stanford 2017
VMware Annual Conference 2017 Las Vegas

Legal / Courts
Weekly Courts Hearing/Trial Simultaneous Interpretation for Federal Courts, Immigration Courts, Mental Health Courts, Juvenile Courts, State Courts, County Courts and Local Courts.

Language proficiency and linguistic functional assessments
State Department simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
Defense Language Proficiency Upper range score 3+
Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Score 3+

Proficient with computerized productivity and communication tools including the World Wide Web, e-mail, Chinese language software packages, word processing, spreadsheet, and Internet communications. Excellent business writing and verbal communication skills.
Native Mainland Mandarin Chinese speaker. Fluent in English.

1983 - B.A., International Finance, People's University, Beijing.
1990 - M.B.A., City University, Seattle, Washington.

Voting Member, American Translator Association
Charter Member, National Language Service Corps
Member, National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
Member, Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society
Member, National Association of Accountants

Professional Experience:
1992 - Present, Freelance Interpreter/Translator, Business/Culture Consultant
1990 - 1992 Senior Coordinator, Seattle, Washington
PPG Industries Inc.
1985 - 1990 Bilingual Staff Accountant, Seattle, Washington
CITIFOR Inc., Subsidiary of CITIC
1983 - 1985 Financial Analyst, Beijing, China
Overseas Investment Department
China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC), Beijing, China